The hourglass body shape is characterised by curvy, well-defined and round waistlines with generous thighs and a fuller bust and hips. Due to the change in the concept of fashion and beauty, some women with hourglass body shapes try to conceal their curves. Others are facing difficulty in finding the best styles for this particular type of body shape or figure.

Since a curvy body shape is considered to be the ideal feminine shape, there is not much that needs to work on accentuate the body figure. If you are one among the lucky individuals that are blessed with this body shape, all you need to do is to dress appropriately and smartly and look for the best clothes or styles that will flaunt your shape well. Let’s dive deeper into some more helpful information.

One of the ultimate keys to dressing a curvy figure or body type is to proportionally dress the bottom and top of your body while accentuating the beauty and shape of your waist. Wide belts over dresses and shirts are excellent ways of showing off your waist. For a more curvaceous effect, one can create this by adding some volume to the lower and upper body while maintaining balance. Women with curvy figures usually have great legs so you should enjoy the freedom of playing with different skirt lengths.

Choose tops that accentuate the waist and retain the balanced look of your curvy figure. Look for tops with nipping or banding at the waist, belted tops, wrap style tops, form-fitting tops and tailored jackets and shirts.

You are fortunate for having a curvy body shape because you can wear any bottom as long as it matches with the right top. You can try pencil skirts and high-waist pants, straight legged pants, boot cut, skirts showing off your great legs, skinny jeans, pants paired with balanced tops.

Coats and Jackets for Curvy Body Shapes
Tailored and fitted jackets and coats are excellent choices for a curvy body shape. Well, fitted jackets aid in slimming down the waist and this will emphasise your figure beautifully. You can choose any length, however; tailored long coats work well especially with pleated waist details and belts.
Single-breasted jackets are also perfect. Simplicity is still the best key when looking for the classic coat or jacket. As much as possible, avoid over accentuated pocket or shoulder detailing.

If you are one of the many who are blessed with a curvy body shape, you are advised to cling to shorter jackets ending at your hips. See to it that you do not conceal your shape under bulky jackets. Stick to the one that follows your body curves.
You can also try neat and small sleeves that soften your upper and fleshy arms. Your curvy body shape will do the talking regarding your coat so make sure that you get the right size and fit. Do these things, and you can never go wrong when it comes to your style.

When it comes to the best styles for the curvy body shape, you also need to think about the right neckline styles, collar styles and sleeve styles. All these styles pose an impact to your overall look and image. You also need to devote time and effort in choosing fashion accessories that best suit your figure.