If you are looking to get a new brand off the ground, perhaps the best way to go about it is to generate as much publicity as you can. While advertising is another option, a good promotion is much better at getting a new product or brand going and unlike advertising, garnering publicity is a lot cheaper. Think about what you want your brand to stand for if it is something that is going to be used by people that spend time outdoors or is relatable to being outdoors you can go around the country spreading the message of your new product at outdoor festivals, and country fairs. Show up at outdoor sporting events, such as the X-Games and action sports events, pass out fliers, and give free samples of your product to start creating a buzz among the consumers that you want to purchase your brand.

One great way to generate publicity for your brand is to be the first at something. News people love to break the news and be the first on the scene of a new story. With media now being connected to the world, it will cost next to nothing and the news media will do the job for you. With the advent of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, you can create your buzz about your brand free of charge.

You should not worry about trying to come up with a catchy slogan for your brand when you are trying to launch it. Stay focused on building as much publicity for your brand as possible. It will cut down the initial costs of starting your new brand so you can use your budgeted funds in other areas that will help make the brand a success. When thinking of strategies to increase your brand awareness try to approach it as how you can get the most publicity for the lowest cost.

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