Tap dancing is one of the most exciting forms of dance these days. One important face here is that the tap dancers need to wear special kind of shoes for this dance. These shoes are well equipped with metal taps. The tap dancers use their feet to create sounds and rhythms. One of the most common types of tap dancing is ‘classical tap dance’. In this dance style, the tappers take the help of arms and upper bodies to dance. Generally, the dance performed by these dancers is a mixture of jazz and ballet.

Another dance style in tap dance is ‘hoofers.’ In this dance style, the dancers make use of every part of the shoe to make their feet echo like drums. Then there is ‘clogging.’ In this tap dance style, the dancers need to do the up-and-down movement of the body on the beats of their shoes. The dancers who perform this dance style are called cloggers.

From the above discussion on tap dancing one thing is clear that shoes play a very important part in this dance style. It is recommended that the dancers should wear flat shoes. At times, heels are also worn during tap dance by female dancers. The most demanded colors in tap shoes are white and black. The shoes should be comfortable with proper fitting.

Tap dance is not at all an easy dance to do. It is mastered with lots of practice. At first, some basic tap dance steps are taught to the beginners. Some of the primary tap dance steps are- brush, shuffle, ball change and flap. During tap dance teachings the learners are trained to produce clean and clear tap sounds on various tones. In the beginning, the tap dancers are also told to dance like they are dancing on a glass floor.

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