What LinkedIn is all about

LinkedIn is a social media network that is specifically developed for businesses professionals. It permits you to connect with other users and exchange or share business related information around your networks.

The 10 things you have to apply

1. Create a quality profile

2. Personalize each invite

3. Post timely and relevant updates

4. Make your profile public

5. Best use of LinkedIn Ads

6. Respond promptly to messages

7. Be professional

8. Make the best use of social contacts

9. Have quality networks

10. Contribute to discussions

The 10 things you have to avoid

1. Don’t spam post

2. Don’t post frequently like social sites

3. Don’t opt for fake likes

4. Don’t make your profile private

5. Don’t go for forced recommendations

6. Don’t opt for mass marketing

7. Don’t ignore recommendations

8. Don’t join too many groups

9. Don’t repeat or copy contents

10. Don’t edit customer posts