We have talked about TaagMe Member Benefits #1 and #2, which are free one-hour business planning and free one-hour personal coaching.  What is Benefit#3 then? Yes, it is one-hour FREE marketing consultation!

You’ll get SPECIAL MEMBER PRIVILEGES when your profile completeness is 90% or ABOVE! What you’ll get is the professional service TaagMe’s team provides. They assist members in achieving their goals.

One Hour Marketing Consultation

Your key to opportunities in the world lies with the specialised field of marketing.  No matter it is Personal, Professional or Business, your successful branding and marketing strategies open doors of opportunities, recognition and awaiting rewards.

Our FREE gift here will assist you with identifying your marketing, promotional and public relation needs with practical steps along with the latest technologies on and off the website.

Make sure you complete at least 90% of your TaagMe profile to claim your gift! Your profile will also help other members and businesses to know you better!