In the next few days, we are going to go over some tips for a job interview. Don’t miss out as I have a total of 6 tips for you!

Tip#1 – Handshake

Give the interviewers a firm handshake. This will show them that you are confident in yourself. Make sure your hands are free of sweat (usually caused by being nervous). Not everyone likes to shake hands (for various reasons), so always let the employer take the initiative.

In one interview we actually gave a small bow to the (female) interviewers instead of shaking their hands (and left them half flustered). This tactic might not work all the time and needs to be done with humour. It is better to stick with the handshake unless you are confident that the bowing will go down well.

Tip#2 – Negativity

Whatever you do, never say anything negative about yourself. You are trying to impress the employer so they give you the job, so don’t give them an excuse to pass you over by talking about your flaws and failures.

At one interview we attended, there was a smartly dressed guy who had managerial level experience. He made two vital mistakes. When he answered questions, he hardly looked at the interviewers and directed most of his answers to thin air. Secondly, he talked about his past failures. These two simple practices got him eliminated.

Of course, everyone has failed in the past. But there is no need to mention it. Look at it this way. Let’s say you are running a catering business. You tell a potential client (who needs catering for his wedding) that there was a time when you accidentally got orders mixed up. What will the potential client think of you?


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